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Python Question

Is it possible to save datetime to DynamoDB?

I have the next code:

users_table = Table(users_table_name, connection=Core.aws_dynamodb_connection)
"login": login,
"password": hashlib.sha256(password.encode("utf-8")).hexdigest(),
"profile": profile,
"registration_date": # PROBLEM IS HERE

But when I run it, it fails with error:

TypeError: Unsupported type "< type 'datetime.datetime' >" for value "2015-01-12 05:02:57.053131"

I've tried a lot of ways, but it seems that it isn't possible to save
to DynamoDB. Btw it works fine in MongoDB.

Is there any solution?

Answer Source

Okay, I see that DynamoDB does not support any date types. So the only solution is to use unix-like time as integer, or save date as string.

enter image description here

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