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CSS Question

input width vs textarea width

After reading the thread

I'm clear that we should not use size attribute but css style.

What will be the cross browser css that shows exactly same width for both input[text] and textarea?

BTB, I tried

#idInputText, #idTextArea {
font: inherit;
width: 60ex;


Is it correct? any better solution?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer Source

The native padding for text input elements differ. You will need to assign a different width to input elements and textarea elements and experiment.

#form input.textfield { width:10em; }
#form textarea { width:9em; }

Just throw some default styles ( I prefer ems ) and pop open Firebug and experiment by changing the size values.

I usually throw a class=textfield on <input type=text> so I don't target <input type=submit> or similar.

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