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C++ Question

Proper syntax for using union with bit fields inside a struct

I have the following series of structs.

struct FooWord1
unsigned int Fill : 8;
unsigned int someData1 : 18;
unsigned int someData2 : 6;

struct FooWord2
unsigned int Fill : 8;
unsigned int A_Bit : 1;
unsigned int B_Bit : 1;
unsigned int someData3 : 23;

struct Foo_Data
FooWord1 fooWord1;
FooWord2 fooWord2;
FooWord3 fooWord3; // similar to FooWord1
FooWord4 fooWord4; // similar to FooWord1
FooWord5 fooWord5; // similar to FooWord1

Foo_Data fooArray[SIZE];

Data gets copied into
byte-by-byte from a network message. We get the data we expect in
if we don't use a union with the 1-bit field (
), but as soon as we put in the union, the words get "off" by 2 words.

We want to use a union there because these structures are used for different types of messages, but the meaning of
is different for different messages. We could just use a comment, but it would be nice to do it in code.

What am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

The answer lies in the comments to the original question. Fill, the union, and someData3 will all wind up in separate words, because the union starts a new word in the struct.

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