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How to determine height of UICollectionView with FlowLayout

I've got an

with an
, and i want to calculate its content size (for return in
needed for adjusting its height via AutoLayout).

The problems is: Even if I have a fixed and equal height for all cells, I don't know how many "rows"/lines I have in the
. I also can't determine that count by the number of items in my data source, since the cells representing the data items vary in width, so does consequently the number of items I have in one line of the

Since I couldn't find any hints on this topic in the official documentation and googling didn't bring me any further, any help and ideas would be appreciated very much.

Answer Source

Whoa! For some reason, after hours of research, I now found a pretty easy answer to my question: I was completely searching in the wrong place, digging through all the documentation I could find on UICollectionView.

The simple and easy solution lies in the underlying layout: Just call collectionViewContentSize on your myCollectionView.collectionViewLayout property and you get the height and width of the content as CGSize. It's as easy as that.

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