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How to keep changes I did in the Pod dependencies after I do cocoapods install again?

I had to do some local changes to some frameworks I am using. However, I installed them with cocoapods. Is there any way to keep those changes when I do pod install again for new dependencies ?

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Thanks for the ask question.

I am sorry to say this is not possible because when you have install or Update your pod then replace all file from new file.

pod outdated:

When you run pod outdated, CocoaPods will list all pods which have newer versions than the ones listed in the Podfile.lock (the versions currently installed for each pod). This means that if you run pod update PODNAME on those pods, they will be updated — as long as the new version still matches the restrictions like pod 'MyPod', '~>x.y' set in your Podfile.

pod update:

When you run pod update PODNAME, CocoaPods will try to find an updated version of the pod PODNAME, without taking into account the version listed in Podfile.lock. It will update the pod to the latest version possible (as long as it matches the version restrictions in your Podfile).

If you run pod update with no pod name, CocoaPods will update every pod listed in your Podfile to the latest version possible.

You can also find reference from here.

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