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CSS Question

Outer glow effect for text using css

Hello I need to add an "outer glow" photoshop effect to some text using css. Here is a screenshot of the mockup of what I am trying to acheive:

enter image description here

Here is the photoshop layer settings:

enter image description here

Im pretty sure this is text shadow but I've been messing around with it and I cannot achieve a glow on all sides.

Any help will be apprechiated!


Answer Source

Text-shadow is what you have to use to achieve glow or some kind of text-shadow.

text-shadow : horizontal-shadow vertical-shadow blur color;

To add multiple text-shadow, you can do that by separating them, by adding comma to text-shadow property.

    text-shadow : horizontal-shadow vertical-shadow blur color, horizontal-shadow vertical-shadow blur color;

  text-shadow:1px 1px 10px #fff, 1px 1px 10px #ccc;
Demo Text

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