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Java Question

How do I avoid unnecessary class references in Java?

I have two java classes (.java files). I want to be able to create new instances of an object in one class that were defined in the other class, without referencing the class name each time. In C# there are

and includes, but I am only able to use
import <pre-compiled code>
in java. Is there a way to do this:

import TestClass;

and then simply call a function inside it without using


every time? I simply need to have all of my functions and objects to be separate from my

Answer Source

Assuming TestFunction is a static method in TestClass, you can use a static import:

import static TestClass.TestFunction;
// or
import static TestClass.*;

and then call it without using the class qualifier:


Note this can lead to confusing/hard-to-read code – use static imports sparingly.

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