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Javascript Question

Moving an image up the screen using do and while loops

I am learning JavaScript and have been developing a simple game that is essentially a balloon that you can move around on the screen. I managed to do keypresses etc with a lot of help and the balloon moved about just perfectly.

I now want to simulate gravity, by having the balloon move one pixel down the screen if the balloon image was above a value, i tried to do this with the following do while statement:

var balloon = document.getElementById("balloon");
var bottom = parseInt (, 10);

do { = bottom + 50 + 'px';
while (bottom = bottom > 600) // Gravity

What I want this to do, is to check the code is working by making the balloon move up the page 1 pixel if the bottom value is less than 600.

I have stripped out all the code I used to make the balloon move.

If I could just see the balloon move slowly up the page I would be very happy, because then at least I know I can just switch the values round when I've added the movement back in.

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The other answers address the issue of attempting an animation with an explicit loop. As they have pointed out, you should use timers.

Because it seemed like fun, I made you a simple example of how to use a timer to animate a balloon falling:

The key code is the following:

// Make balloon fall 1px every 10ms
setInterval(function() {
    var bottom = getBalloonBottom();
    if (bottom > 0) = bottom - 1 + "px";
}, 10);
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