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CSS Question

Combining border-top,border-right,border-left,border-bottom in CSS

Is there a way of combining border-top,border-right,border-left,border-bottom in CSS like a super shorthand style.


border: (1px solid #ff0) (2px dashed #f0F) (3px dotted #F00) (5px solid #09f);

Answer Source

No, you cannot set them all in a single statement.
At the general case, you need at least three properties:

border-color: red green white blue;
border-style: solid dashed dotted solid;
border-width: 1px 2px 3px 4px;

However, that would be quite messy. It would be more readable and maintainable with four:

border-top:    1px solid  #ff0;
border-right:  2px dashed #f0F;
border-bottom: 3px dotted #f00;
border-left:   5px solid  #09f;
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