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AngularJS: when checking for object null, returning the wrong message

I am adding a couple of alerts for when a record gets updated based on the response of service call.

When I check if there is any data in the response:

if ( === null)

This part seems to not be respected and the alert for update on record succeeded gets shown, and if you look in the screen shot, the is null.

I am not sure why the simple if is not working, or if I am looking at the response Object incorrectly.

Can someone please lend a hand so that I can understand the best practice on how to do this?

Thank you.


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Answer Source

Hopefully this will help explain why you're not getting the results you're expecting (read comments in code):

function boooooom(msg) {
    alert('We\'re sorry folks! ' + msg);

    method: 'PUT',
    url: 'api/StorePage/PutStorePage?StorePageId=' + this.newpage.StorePageID,
    data: storePage,
        // This callback will be called when the response is *available*
        function(response) {
            // Change this to `` instead of `!`
            if ( {
                $scope.pages =;
            } else {
                boooooom('No data');

        // This callback is called if an error occurs or if the server 
        // returns a response with an *error* status.
        // *Your* request hasn't caused an error as it *has* responded 
        // and the response is a 200 status (which is not an error status) 
        // so this callback doesn't get called.
        function(response) {
            boooooom('Houston we have a problem');
    // It looks like you always want to `clearFields` for both failure and success
    // so you can just do that here, which will do that for you.
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