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Trying to obtain sum of random prime numbers read from a file?

I am trying to read a random amount of numbers from a list in a file. From those numbers, I need to decide whether or not the numbers themselves are prime, then I need to add all of the prime numbers together to get their sum.

I am having issues with this block of my code. I'm sort of lost on how to go about obtaining the values that ARE prime and storing them so I can add them together to get their cumulative sum. I think this part of the code would go in my

else if
block, but I'm not 100% sure. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction and/or give me an example? If I wanted to obtain their average, can I do so in a similar way to obtaining their sum?

Also, there are multiple values being pulled from my list, so if I use a single variable to represent a prime number, will the variable reset itself to the next prime number it finds every time the entire loop iterates?

bool primeCalc()
int number;
bool primeValue = true;
int i;
while (inputFile >> number)
for (i = 2; i <= number / 2; ++i)
if (number % i == 0)
primeValue = false;
else if (number % i > 0)
// some code to store number value for sum;


Answer Source

Why store them and waste space? Do it as they come from the stream, like this:

int sum = 0;
while(inputFile >> number)
    sum += (number);

where isPrime could be a function of this prototype: bool isPrime(int number);, which returns true if number is prime, otherwise false.

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