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Java - Help Needed Creating MBean

I am trying to make a class implement an MBean Interface so i can interrogate the properties at runtime. The class I am trying to interrogate is as follows

public class ProfileCache implements ProfileCacheInterfaceMBean{

private Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ProfileCache.class);
private ConcurrentMap<String, Profile> cache;

public ProfileCache(ConcurrentMap<String, Profile> cache){
this.cache = cache;

* Update the cache entry for a given user id
* @param userid the user id to update for
* @param profile the new profile to store
* @return true if the cache update
public boolean updateCache(String userid, Profile profile) {
if (cache == null || cache.size() == 0) {
throw new RuntimeException("Unable to update the cache");
if (cache.containsKey(userid)) {
if (profile != null) {
cache.put(userid, profile);"Updated the cache for user: "
+ userid + " profile: " + profile);
return true;
return false;

public ConcurrentMap<String, Profile> getCache() {
if(cache == null){
cache = new ConcurrentHashMap<String, Profile>();
return cache;


The interface looks like this

import com.vimba.profile.Profile;

public interface ProfileCacheInterfaceMBean {

ConcurrentMap<String, Profile> getCache();


And i start the MBean like this

cacheImpl = new ProfileCache(factory.createCacheFromDB());
MBeanServer mbs = ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer();
ObjectName profileCache = new ObjectName("org.javalobby.tnt.jmx:type=ProfileCacheInterfaceMBean");
mbs.registerMBean(cacheImpl, profileCache);

However i keep getting the below exception and I am not sure what I need to change MBean class com.vimba.cache.ProfileCache does not implement DynamicMBean, and neither follows the Standard MBean conventions ( Class com.vimba.cache.ProfileCache is not a JMX compliant Standard MBean) nor the MXBean conventions ( com.vimba.cache.ProfileCache: Class com.vimba.cache.ProfileCache is not a JMX compliant MXBean)

I think potentially its because it returns a Map? Please could someone help?


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I agree, TJ is trolling for rep.......

In the all the examples I've seen for MBean implementations, I've never seen a class define a method that was not defined in the inteface. E.g., ProfileCache has method updateCache, but ProfileCacheInterfaceMBean does not. Try removing the updateCache method from ProfileCache and see if it will work.

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