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Using lists rather than an array to create objects in a class

I have just started to learn about OOP and I am wondering if it is possible to create objects using a list rather than an array. The list seems to have oodles of methods that are really useful and can be of an indeterminate length
So, this is what I have

'establish properties / members
Public firstname As String
Public surname As String
Public DOB As Date
End Class

'declare a variable of the data type above to put aside memory
Dim students As List(Of STUDENT)

Sub Main()
Dim selection As Char
While selection <> "C"
Console.WriteLine("Welcome to student database")
Console.WriteLine("Number of students: " & students.Count)
Console.WriteLine(" (A) Add a student")
Console.WriteLine(" (B) View a student")
Console.WriteLine(" (C) Quit")

selection = Console.ReadLine.ToUpper

If selection = "A" Then
Console.Write("Please enter a firstname: ")
students.firstname.add= Console.ReadLine
END While

This line is causing a problem

students.firstname.add= Console.ReadLine

I don't think this is how you would add an object using the list I set up. So how is it done?? Will the syntax need adjusting to add more than one item?

Answer Source

There are multiple issues with this line: students.firstname.add= Console.ReadLine

Breaking it down we have:

students.firstname.add and add = Console.ReadLine

You need a student object first. students.firstname doesn't exist.

Dim tempStudent = New STUDENT()
tempStudent.firstname = Console.ReadLine()
' Other property assignments, etc

Once you have fully created your student object, you then add it to the list. Add is a method so we use parentheses:


Besides that there are a few casing errors which you should address.

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