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MySQL Question

Which approach should I use for retrieving details from this multi-table SQL instruction?

I have 3 tables.


id | user_email | user_password | user_name


id | name | code | admin


community_id | player_id

A user is logged into my app with their email address (

I want to use that email address to look up which communities they are apart of.

My logic current logic is:

SELECT id FROM table users WHERE user_email = '$email' (call this new variable 'A')

SELECT community_id FROM table community_players WHERE player_id = 'A' (call this new variable 'B')

SELECT name FROM table communities WHERE id = 'B'

What approach should I take:

1) Come up with a single MySQL Statement that accomplishes the above in one go and returns an array of community names.


2) Run 3 separate MySQL statements each returning a variable in PHP to use in the next SQL statement (like the logic I used above)

or some other method?

Answer Source

TRY this in single query using JOIN docs mysql Join

FROM users 
join community_players 
join communities 
WHERE users.user_email = '$email'
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