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Angularjs Concatenate $scope

I like to know if it is possible to concatenate several $scope to make that one.

For example the address of the orginal scope is:


I would like the DC01 changes according to my event I tried several thing is it does not work.

I tried in a

ng-init="form.template = templates.webapp.{{building}}[0].value"

it does not work.

I tried like this also:

$scope.test = $scope.templates.webapp + '.' + $scope.building + '[0].value';
ng-init="form.template = test"

it does not work well.

Plunk demonstrating the issue:

Answer Source

The problem lies in nesting angular expressions. In provided plunker you're doing:

data-ng-options="template.value as for template in templates.webapp.{{building}}"

the part template.value as is already an expression and {{building}} is "nested" in it. Such patterns aren't good idea :)

What you want to do is simply

data-ng-options="template.value as for template in templates.webapp[building]"

like you would do in plain JS. This way available options in #s-template change in respect to selected building.

You can read more about angular expressions here


To change selected (default) value upon selecting building you should move the logic from ng-init to testBat function and call it from controller (instead of doing $rootScope.building = "Dc01";). This way selecting building will always select first value from corresponding list.


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