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How do you get djangorestframework to return xml using format suffix?

I can get djangorestframework to return json via a format suffix .json, but not return xml via a .xml suffix

id: 1,
timestamp: "2013-12-05T04:27:42Z",
topic: "important one"
id: 2,
timestamp: "2013-12-05T04:27:49Z",
topic: "important two"
id: 3,
timestamp: "2013-12-05T04:27:55Z",
topic: "important three"
id: 4,
timestamp: "2013-12-05T04:28:01Z",
topic: "important four"
id: 5,
timestamp: "2013-12-05T06:43:38Z",
topic: "another great stimulating topic"

detail: "Not found"

Could anyone tell me what I did wrong, b/c the REST api is clearly working...thanks!

Answer Source

You need to add the XMLRenderer which is not enabled by default.

To do this in settings have something like this:


To set renderers at the view level use the render_classes attribute.

Take a look at the Renderers documentation.

Update: It occurs to me the above is only half the answer. You'll also need to add the xml format suffix, as documented here.

I hope that helps.

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