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C# Question

Connecting multiple phone calls via VOIP using C#

I am trying to achieve below

Me (customer) press a button to speak to agent (from mobile app - Xamarin)

Then login tries to connect to (gets top 5 agents list from database / JSON - top 5 agents will vary every time based on time)

Agent 1 - rings agent 1 mobile phone as normal call, if No answer after 25 seconds
Agent 2 - ring for 25 secs
Agent 3 - ring, connected

Once call finished log date time of call

I am happy to use any VOIP provider or any other solutions.


Sorry.. I am looking at ways to do this, contacted RingCentral and
Vonage, they don't have any API, so not sure where or how can I
achieve, any suggestions please.

Answer Source

Not sure why i did not come across Twilio.

Twilio offers best solutions for above, they have API that's suitable for above scenario.

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