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Android Question

how to update google play services on eclipse?

I use eclipse to develop android.

I get this error:

10-28 15:31:02.020: I/Ads(5593):
Received log message: <Google:HTML> You are using version 8.3 of the Google Play services Ads SDK.
Please consider updating your SDK to the most recent SDK version to get the latest features and bug fixes.
See xxxx for instructions on how to get the latest version of Google Play services.

But I use eclipse. documents says for android studio. My project is very big and now I cant convert it for now from eclipse to adt.


I use all of these in another project and it is all fine. I can t understand what happened?

thanks in advance

Answer Source

YOu can investigate this:

if you want to convert your app to android studio or manuelly you can convert .aar.

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