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SQL Server search using like while ignoring blank spaces

I have a

column in the database, and the records contain unwanted spaces on the right. I tried to use trim and replace, but it didn't return the correct results.

If I use

phone like '%2581254%'

it returns


but I need use percent sign or wild card in the beginning only, I want to match the left side only.

So if I use it like this

phone like '%2581254'

I get nothing, because of the spaces on the right!

So I tried to use trim and replace, and I get one result only

LTRIM(RTRIM(phone)) LIKE '%2581254'



Note that these four ids have same phone number!

Table data

customerid phone
33470 96506217601532388254
33472 96506217601532388254
33473 96506217601532388254
33474 96506217601532388254
33475 966508307940

I added many number for test propose

The php function takes last 7 digits and compare them.

For example

01532388254 will be 2581254

and I want to search for all users that has this 7 digits in their phone number

I can't figure out where's the problem!

It should return 4 ids instead of 1 id

Answer Source

Given the sample data, I suspect you have control characters in your data. For example char(13), char(10)

To confirm this, just run the following

Select customerid,phone
 From  YourTable
 Where CharIndex(CHAR(0),[phone])+CharIndex(CHAR(1),[phone])+CharIndex(CHAR(2),[phone])+CharIndex(CHAR(3),[phone])
      +CharIndex(CHAR(127),[phone]) >0

If the Test Results are Positive

The following UDF can be used to strip the control characters from your data via an update

Update YourTable Set Phone=[dbo].[udf-Str-Strip-Control](Phone)

The UDF if Interested

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[udf-Str-Strip-Control](@S varchar(max))
Returns varchar(max)
    ;with  cte1(N) As (Select 1 From (Values(1),(1),(1),(1),(1),(1),(1),(1),(1),(1)) N(N)),
           cte2(C) As (Select Top (32) Char(Row_Number() over (Order By (Select NULL))-1) From cte1 a,cte1 b)
    Select @S = Replace(@S,C,' ')
     From  cte2

    Return LTrim(RTrim(Replace(Replace(Replace(@S,' ','><'),'<>',''),'><',' ')))
--Select [dbo].[udf-Str-Strip-Control]('Michael        '+char(13)+char(10)+'LastName')  --Returns: Michael LastName
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