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How to find time intersection between two times stored in mysql database

The problem I'm facing is not very complicated and there are several answers to this here, but I didn't see any which is solving the problem as I need.
So I have a table with two fields of type VARCHAR, named timefrom and timeto.
Those fields store time in this format: 12:00, 05:18,00:05 .... I have no date and no seconds, just hour and minutes in 24/h time format.
I have a form with two fields, starttime and endtime. And now I want to select all rows from database where the user starttime and endtime intersects with the timefrom and timeto fields in DB.
I have the following query:

"SELECT * FROM reservation WHERE ((timeto>='$timefrom' AND timeto<='$timeto') OR (timefrom>='$timefrom' AND timefrom <='$timeto'))"

This query works for all kind of intersections but not if the time given by user fits in the time stored in DB.
For example if DB timefrom=20:00 and timeto=23:00 and the user input starttime=21:00 and endtime=22:00 the query doesn't return any intersection and it should.
It would be a great help if anyone could show me a reliable solution. THANKS

Answer Source

Saving any sort of date/time as a simple string is not a good idea because you lose out-of-box features for working with dates & time provided by MySQL itself.

Try something like this:

SELECT * FROM reservations
TIME_FORMAT(timefrom, '%H:%i') >= '21:00' AND TIME_FORMAT(timeto, '%H:%i') <= '23:00'
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