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Javascript Question

javascript code bing search - get more than 30 results

I am doing a search over the bing search webpage. Assume I search for the term "Julia Roberts", then the url with the results is roughly the following one:

As I am downloading the code using python, I use the following source:

import urllib

def geturl(link,my_file):
urllib.request.urlretrieve(link, my_file)

link = ""
my_file = "my_file.txt"


The problem is, such source includes only the first 30 results (or 50).

How do I get the source that includes, say, the 200 first results?

Answer Source

I am not sure you expecting below result , please try in your console window for

"" for this page.


var a=document.querySelectorAll('div a img');

for(i in a){
console.log(a[i].src); // get all the image source src path
//console.count("called"); // it will retrieve 246 image src path 
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