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Can I change font size based on the number of letters?

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Auto-size dynamic text to fill fixed size container

I have a box which displays the username. However I found that it can only fit 10 letters - I use the standard
font size.

Is there a way to change the
according to the number of letters? My usernames range from 3 to 10 characters.

Answer Source

Please try the code below.

<script src=""></script>
<script language="javascript">

    $(function() {
        var len_fit = 10; // According to your question, 10 letters can fit in.
        var un = $('#user_name');

        // Get the lenght of user name.
        var len_user_name = un.html().length;
        if(len_fit < len_user_name ){

            // Calculate the new font size.
            var size_now = parseInt(un.css("font-size"));
            var size_new = size_now * len_fit/len_user_name;

            // Set the new font size to the user name.
    <h1 id="user_name">Your Long Name</h1>


I hope this could help you.

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