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Gulp hangs after "Finishing"

I'm new to node and developing in any sort of "proper" environment. I've installed gulp for my current project, along with mocha and a few other modules. Here is my gulpfile.js:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var mocha = require('gulp-mocha');
var eslint = require('gulp-eslint');

gulp.task('lint', function () {
return gulp.src(['js/**/*.js'])
// eslint() attaches the lint output to the eslint property
// of the file object so it can be used by other modules.
// eslint.format() outputs the lint results to the console.
// Alternatively use eslint.formatEach() (see Docs).
// To have the process exit with an error code (1) on
// lint error, return the stream and pipe to failOnError last.

gulp.task('test', function () {
return gulp.src('tests/test.js', {read: false})
// gulp-mocha needs filepaths so you can't have any plugins before it
.pipe(mocha({reporter: 'list'}));

gulp.task('default', ['lint','test'], function () {
// This will only run if the lint task is successful...

When I run 'gulp', it appears to complete all its tasks, but hangs. I have to ctrl+c to get back to the command prompt. How do I get it to finish properly?

Answer Source

Apologies, folks! Turns out that this is addressed in the gulp-mocha FAQ. To quote:

Test suite not exiting

If your test suite is not exiting it might be because you still have a lingering callback, most often caused by an open database connection. You should close this connection or do the following:

gulp.task('default', function () {
    return gulp.src('test.js')
        .once('error', function () {
        .once('end', function () {
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