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How to convert this short if statement in Laravel into a long one?

I have a short if else statement that I'm having trouble converting into a full one.

The reason is I would like to include some html inside instead of just text.

Auth::user()->likes()->where('status_id', $status->id)->first() ? Auth::user()->likes()->where('status_id', $status->id)->first()->like == 1 ? 'You like this post' : 'Like' : 'Like'

Please note that I am doing this inside a blade template.

Answer Source

It should translate to:

if(Auth::user()->likes()->where('status_id', $status->id)->first()){
    if(Auth::user()->likes()->where('status_id', $status->id)->first()->like == 1){
        $var = 'You like this post';
        $var = 'Like';
    $var = 'Like';

Added $var to save the value, without it it doesn't make much sense.

Also, as it is, you could combine the if constructs via and

if(Auth::user()->likes()->where('status_id', $status->id)->first() 
        && Auth::user()->likes()->where('status_id', $status->id)->first()->like == 1){
    $if = 'You like this post';
    $if = 'Like';
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