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CSS Question

Style differences between and hosted wordpress

I'm trying to understand where the style differences are coming from between my hosted installation of Wordpress with the exact theme installed on my account. I'm migrating my blog and they are wildly different for some reason.

[Irrelevant, experimentation]

What seems to be going on? I've tried to check the CSS & JS but those have been unhelpful.

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The HTML and CSS for the two sites are drastically different. Additionally, the site is also importing a lot more resources than your .org site. If you look in your NET tab in your Chrome debugger, you can also see that there are other CSS files being loaded in the .com site that may be overriding or conflicting with some of the other styles.

You'll need to make sure that you're importing all of the CSS, images, and JavaScript from the original site into the new site; otherwise, there will be differences.

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