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(Android Studio) How to debug through my code only?

When I try to debug through my code in Android (using Step Into, F7 command), the debugger takes me through all system classes, which I do not want.

For example, when I place a breakpoint at the 2nd line below (i.e. "startActivity(ourIntent);"), instead of going into my Activity (i.e. "myclass), the execution point goes into >, etc... all system classes.

I dont want that. I only want to step through my code that I have written.

What is a way to achieve this?

Intent ourIntent = new Intent(MainActivity.this, "com.practice.gamesbook.myclass");

"Add new Pattern" option under "Debugger" > "Stepping" is disabled

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Answer Source

Go to Android Studio > Preferences > Debugger > Stepping then in the bottom click the plus arrow with the question mark that says Add Pattern. Type android.* and hit OK and then Apply.

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