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Neatest way to remove linebreaks in Perl

I'm maintaining a script that can get its input from various sources, and works on it per line. Depending on the actual source used, linebreaks might be Unix-style, Windows-style or even, for some aggregated input, mixed(!).

When reading from a file it goes something like this:

@lines = <IN>;


sub process {
@lines = shift;
foreach my $line (@{$lines}) {
chomp $line;
#Handle line by line

So, what I need to do is replace the chomp with something that removes either Unix-style or Windows-style linebreaks.
I'm coming up with way too many ways of solving this, one of the usual drawbacks of Perl :)

What's your opinion on the neatest way to chomp off generic linebreaks? What would be the most efficient?

Edit: A small clarification - the method 'process' gets a list of lines from somewhere, not nessecarily read from a file. Each line might have

  • No trailing linebreaks

  • Unix-style linebreaks

  • Windows-style linebreaks

  • Just Carriage-Return (when original data has Windows-style linebreaks and is read with $/ = '\n')

  • An aggregated set where lines have different styles

Answer Source

After digging a bit through the perlre docs a bit, I'll present my best suggestion so far that seems to work pretty good. Perl 5.10 added the \R character class as a generalized linebreak:

$line =~ s/\R//g;

It's the same as:


I'll keep this question open a while yet, just to see if there's more nifty ways waiting to be suggested.

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