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Plot multiple graphs on one plot in R within loop

I want to plot some curves in one plot in a for loop in R and save it as a png.
When I do this with par(new=False) the axis get bold, because it is rendered for every of the curves, so I turn off the axis for every but the first plot, but this seems like a very inelegant solution.

What would be a more R-like way to do so?
Here is all of my code until now:

x<-matrix(rnorm(20000,5,3), nrow=200, ncol=100)
y<-matrix(0, nrow=200, ncol=100)

for (i in 1:200) {
for (j in 1:100) {
y[i,j] <- mean(x[i,1:j])


#here is the ugly bit
plot(1:100,y[1,1:100],type="l", ylim=range(c(10,0)))
par(new = TRUE)
for (j in 2:200) {
plot(1:100,y[j,1:100],type="l", ylim=range(c(10,0)), xaxt='n', yaxt='n', ann=FALSE)
par(new = TRUE)

Answer Source
plot(1:100, y[1,1:100], type="l", ylim=range(c(10,0)))
for (j in 2:200) lines(1:100, y[j,1:100])


matplot(1:100, t(y[,1:100]), t="l", lty=1, ylim=range(c(10,0)))
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