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Access user profile information for onRender template using iron-router

I'm trying to access user data in code on the client for my user profile pages onRendered.

I have this in my client:

Template.profile.onRendered(function () {
$('#qrblock').qrcode({text: <I want to show user's qrUrl here>});

Here is the user schema when a user is created:

username: username,
emails: [
{ address: email, verified: false }
password: password,
createdAt: new Date(),
firstName: firstName,
lastName: lastName,
qrUrl: '' + username

Here is my template:

<template name="profile">
<div class="container-fluid">
Username: {{username}}<br />
{{#with profile}}
Profile name: {{firstName}} {{lastName}}
<div id="qrblock"></div>

Here's my router and controller:

Router.route('/@:username', {
name: 'profile',
controller: 'ProfileController'

ProfileController = RouteController.extend({
template: 'profile',
waitOn: function() {
return Meteor.subscribe('userProfile', this.params.username);
data: function() {
var username = Router.current().params.username;
return Meteor.users.findOne({
username: username

I'm not very great with the meteor routing stuff so that's confusing me when it comes to accessing user data for a specific profile page. I hope what I'm trying to do is even possible.

How do I use user data in my profile Template onRendered function?

Answer Source

You can access the template instance in your Template.myTemplate.onCreated, Template.myTemplate.onRendered and Template.myTemplate.onDestroyed function with this.

If you want to access the data context, you can use

Template.profile.onRendered(function() {
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