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UIActivityViewController. How to customize it?

I would like to create a

in my iPad application but I can't find anything on Google because it's a new view implemented only in iOS 6.
is a view that appears when a user tap, for example, the Share button inside Photos App.
A set of activities is presented by an activity view controller (Send via email, Share on facebook, print ecc...).
Each activity is represented by an icon and a title that appears below the icon.
Now I would like to custom the items inside the view but I can't find how to do it?
Any ideas?

Answer Source

There's no need to subclass UIActivityViewController. Instead, create your own UIActivity subclasses, and then instantiate UIActivityViewController with an array of your activities using:

- (id)initWithActivityItems:(NSArray *)activityItems applicationActivities:(NSArray *)applicationActivities;
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