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Java Question

Program to input a number and if its a factorial number then output factorial series else false

import java.util.*;
class Factorial{

void factNum(int n){
int fact=1;
ArrayList<Integer> al=new ArrayList<Integer>();
for(int i=1;fact<=n;i++){
for(int j:al){



public static void main(String args[]){

Scanner scan=new Scanner(System.in);
Factorial f=new Factorial();
System.out.println("Enter the Integer");
int num=scan.nextInt();

I wrote this code so that when I input number 24 which is factorial I will get 1 2 3 4 as a output and when I input 23 i should get output as false. My code is almost correct but the problem is that when I enter number which does not belong to factorial series, I am not getting False as output. Please can anyone help me where in this code I can keep System.out.print("False"); Statement.

Answer Source

You can use flag value as shown in below code to keep track of the condition of whether the number is factorial or not.

public static void factNum(int n) {

    int fact = 1;
    ArrayList<Integer> al = new ArrayList<Integer>();

    boolean flag = false;

    for (int i = 1; fact <= n; i++) {
        fact = fact * i;
        if (fact == n) {
            flag = true;
            for (int j : al) {


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