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How to post data for the whole table using jQuery DataTables

I have a table working with jQuery DataTables and pagination

I have over 300 registrys which 50 are the max on each page. Every time I change from page to page the other 250 registrys are removed from DOM so when I submit and do the POST to my controller I only get a list of 50 models which are the ones on my current page.

How do I access the other 250, or tell the table to send them all? I have searched and I have read that this is the normal behavior of pagination. But how do you guys work around it?

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When using DataTables plug-in with pagination only current page rows exist in the DOM for performance and compatibility. Therefore when you submit the form, only current page form controls values are being submitted.

SOLUTION 1: Submit form directly

The trick is to turn form elements from pages other than current into <input type="hidden"> before submitting the form.

var table = $('#example').DataTable();

// Handle form submission event
$('#frm-example').on('submit', function(e){
   var form = this;

   // Encode a set of form elements from all pages as an array of names and values
   var params = table.$('input,select,textarea').serializeArray();

   // Iterate over all form elements
   $.each(params, function(){
      // If element doesn't exist in DOM
      if(!$.contains(document, form[this.name])){
         // Create a hidden element
               .attr('type', 'hidden')
               .attr('name', this.name)

See this example for code and demonstration.

SOLUTION 2: Submit form via Ajax

Another solution is to submit the form via Ajax.

var table = $('#example').DataTable();

// Handle form submission event
$('#frm-example').on('submit', function(e){
   // Prevent actual form submission

   // Serialize form data
   var data = table.$('input,select,textarea').serialize();

   // Submit form data via Ajax
      url: '/echo/jsonp/',
      data: data,
      success: function(data){
         console.log('Server response', data);

See this example for code and demonstration.


Please note that both solutions will work in client-side processing mode only.


See jQuery DataTables: How to submit all pages form data for more details.

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