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How to link to Android Marketplace Review from within the app?

I would like to link to Android Marketplace from within my app so I can send my user to write a review. I already know how to link to the Android Marketplace with a WebView, but this doesn't really set the user up to write a review. I need to open up Marketplace on the device and go to purchase/review page for the app.

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Similar to Tim's answer, but this will take the user directly to your app (rather than search results.

You can read more about the Market Intent here.

Uri marketUri = Uri.parse("market://details?id=" + getPackageName());
startActivity(new Intent.ACTION_VIEW).setData(marketUri);

(Note: Assumes your activity is in the same package as declared in your application's manifest. Otherwise, just hardcode your package instead of using getPackageName())

Edit: Documentation moved to Linking to Your Products. Thanks Chris Cirefice

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