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How to take in a number and divide it into three parts positive or negative, whole number and fractions

In a school assignment we where supposed to write a program that takes in a number and divide it in three parts:
1. Check if the number is positive or negative
2. whole number (magnitude)
3. fractional parts

The requirement is that there should be a own function called separate that has input and output parameter.

For example: if you type in 23.639, the program should sort of out and print out:
Sign: +
Whole number magnitude: 23
Fractional parts: 0.639


The questions regarding this case are solved. Here is the code for a fully working program that does what the assignment requested. I print the code here for future reference, and hopefully you might find it usefull:

Author: Thorbjørn Elvestad
Student ID: *****
E-mail: drommevandrer@gmail.com

This program take in number typed in by the user, and then divide it into three parts.

SIGN: '+' or '-'
Whole number: Show number as a whole number
Fraction: Show fractions

The program uses function to sort out the number, and print out the result*/

/* Declaring libraries */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

/* Declaring functions */
int sorting_sign(int x);
double sorting_whole(double x);
double sorting_fract(double x);

/* Calling main function */
int main()
double num, fractures; /* declaring variables */
int sign_sorted, part;
double whole_sorted;

printf("Enter your number: ");
scanf("%lf", &num);

sign_sorted = sorting_sign(num); /* Calling the function that sorts out if this number is '+' or '-' */
whole_sorted = sorting_whole(num); /* Calling the function separating whole number from decimals */
fractures = sorting_fract(num); /* Calling the function removing the whole number from the fractures */

printf("Sign: %c\nWhole: %0.lf\nFraction: %f", sign_sorted, whole_sorted, fractures);

return 0;

/* Function for sorting of if number is '+' or '-' */
int sorting_sign(int x)
int sign;

/* true if number is less than 0 */
if(x < 0.0){sign = '-';}

/* true if number is greater than 0 */
else if(x > 0.0){sign = '+';}

return (sign);

/* Function for sorting out the whole number */
double sorting_whole (double x)
int whole;

whole = x;

return (whole);

/* Function for sorting out the fractions */
double sorting_fract(double x)
int whole;
double fract;
whole = (int)x;
fract = x - whole;

return (fract);

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You've declared your sorting_sign function to return a double, when you're returning an int set to the value of a char... sort your types out.

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