Marco Marco - 2 years ago 69
SQL Question

Oracle query - how to make count to return values with 0

How can I make a count to return also the values with 0 in it.


select count(1), equipment_name
from alarms.new_alarms
where equipment_name in (
select eqp from ne_db.ne_list)
Group by equipment_name

It is returning only the counts with values higher than 0 , but I need to know the records that are not returning anything.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Answer Source

Try using LEFT JOIN,

SELECT  a.eqp, COUNT(b.equipment_name) totalCount
FROM    ne_db.ne_list a
        LEFT JOIN alarms.new_alarms b
            ON a.eqp = b.equipment_name
GROUP   BY a.eqp
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