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plyr + simpleboot: NA in probability vector

I am using

package ( to obtain confidence intervals.

This is my function:

lb_weighted_median_dplyr <- function(x,v) {
b <- one.boot(x, weights = v, FUN = function(x,w) matrixStats::weightedMedian(x, w = v, na.rm = TRUE), R = 100, student = FALSE)
round(perc(b, 0.025), 0)

What the function does is to calculate the lower bound of the confidence interval when I run

ddply(wage_by_gender_2015, .(sex,region), summarise, FUN = lb_weighted_median_dplyr(wage, exp_region))

is a numeric column and
is another numeric column that contains weights.

I don't have data for some regions, therefore the function fails with some regions and returns

Error in eval(substitute(expr), envir, enclos) : NA in probability vector

How can I bypass that error and obtain NA as the lower bound for a region without data?

equivalent approach that also returns
NA in probability vector

grouped <- group_by(wage_by_gender_2015, sex, region)
dplyr::summarise(grouped, FUN = lb_weighted_median_dplyr(wage, exp_region))

Relevant sample of the data here:

Answer Source
wage_by_gender_2015 <- data.frame(sex    = rep(c("male", "female"),100),
                                  region = rep(c("north", "south", "east",
                                                 "west"), 50),
                                  exp_region = abs(rnorm(100)),
                                  wage       = abs(rnorm(100))

wage_by_gender_2015$exp_region[10] <- NA
ddply(wage_by_gender_2015, .(sex,region), summarise, FUN = lb_weighted_median_dplyr(wage, exp_region))
 Error in, replace = TRUE, ...) :    NA in probability vector
# impute
wage_by_gender_2015$exp_region <- RRF::na.roughfix(wage_by_gender_2015$exp_region)

ddply(wage_by_gender_2015, .(sex,region), summarise, FUN = lb_weighted_median_dplyr(wage, exp_region))
    sex region FUN
1 female  south   0
2 female   west   0
3   male   east   1
4   male  north   0

As mentioned in the comment I would've used your sample data but it was missing sex.

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