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GIT merge omits commits in other branches

I have the following repository structure

branch master : for final stable tag releases
branch develop : for ongoing developement and combination of features
branch team : A branch for another developing team
branch feat/foo : A feature developed by the oter developing team

I want to achieve the following flow:

master ------------------*
develop -----*--*---*---* (final bugfix, merge with 'master' for final stable tag)
team --*---*---* (summarized team developement merged into 'develop')
feat/foo --*--*--* (finalized feature merged into B)

I see that the team merged the feature ('feat/foo') into their team branch ('team'). I then merged the 'team' branch into my 'develop' branch, but somehow I am missing some of their commits (e868d17 and 0091ed2). I tried to merge also feat/foo separately, but you see the outcome in the picture below...

Any idea how I can properly merge the branches to develop? And why does the merge omit these two commits?

I am using Eclipse to do the GIT handling. It does not flag any conflicts during the merge.

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One has to manually synchronize the repository. Right click on project > Team > Synchronize Workspace or synrchonize in GIT View

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