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Disable/alter behavior of "swipe from left" on iPad with master/detail configuration

I have a master/detail split view configuration in my iPad application. If I swipe from the left (or really, just swipe to the right in the detail view, regardless of whether I start at the left edge of the screen or not) it slides open the master view.

The issue here is that my detail view is an

, so if I put my finger on the map and move my finger to the right (to pan left) the master view opens! I have to start dragging my finger in some other direction, and then go right, to properly pan.

Can this behavior be altered either:

  1. So it is disabled completely (only allowing opening the master view from the back button)

  2. So it only affects swipes in the detail view that are not over the map

  3. So it only triggers if the swipe starts from the edge of the screen


Answer Source

Yes, you can disable that behavior. Set the presentsWithGesture property of the split view controller to NO to disable the swiping gesture.

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