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PHP Question

Install Composer on MAMP on Windows

So here is the issue I'm getting:

I'm trying to install

and I'm using
on Windows (it does exist since the beginning of January).

And like many users of
on Windows, I've got this error :

Some settings on your machine make Composer unable to work properly.
Make sure that you fix the issues listed below and run this script again:

The openssl extension is missing, which means that secure HTTPS transfers are impossible.
If possible you should enable it or recompile php with --with-openssl"

So I checked on the right
page if it was unabled and it was!

I can't find any help since there are very few users of
on Windows.

Thank you for your help or suggestions

Answer Source
  1. Open php.ini located in your "\MAMP\conf\" folder or copy the php.ini into a \MAMP\bin\php\php[your PHP version number]\
  2. Find "extension=php_openssl.dll"
  3. ;extension=php_openssl.dll - remove ";"
  4. Restart your MAMP , extension should be loaded after that.
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