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Java Question

Couchbase Java API not returning values for set range

I'm having a weird problem with Couchbase Java API. I use the following code:

ViewQuery query = ViewQuery.from(BUCKET_NAME, GET_ENTITIES_VIEW_NAME);
// set companyStart, companyEnd as Strings
// set query.limit and quiery.skip
query.startKey(toJsonArray(companyStart, Long.toString(params.getStartDate().getTime())));
endKey(toJsonArray(companyEnd, Long.toString(params.getEndDate().getTime())));
ViewResult results;
results = bucket.query(query);

When I try the said start and endKeys (like ["ROTOR", 146538100000]) in the Couchbase console, the query returns all the expected results.

However, with the Java API the results is empty.

If I comment out the query.startKey and .endKey lines, it faithfully returns all the results for the view.

Here's my view:

function (doc, meta) {
if(doc.collectorData.documenttypes.terms[0] && doc.collectorData.documenttypes.terms[0]=='EAP:Article') {
emit([,doc.timestamp], {"visitId":doc.visitId,"visitorId":doc.visitorId,"company","timestamp":doc.timestamp, "userAgent":doc.userAgent, "pathInfo":doc.pathInfo, "channel", "newVisit":doc.newVisit});

Any tips on what may be wrong?


You are using Long.toString, so it is not equivalent to what you used in the couchbase console. That would be equivalent to ["ROTOR", "146538100000"]. A subtle but meaningful difference!

Try with the following snippet instead (I explicitly used JsonArray.from as well, just to remove any ambiguity):

    .startKey(JsonArray.from(companyStart, params.getStartDate().getTime()))
    .endKey(JsonArray.from(companyEnd, params.getEndDate().getTime()));