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Python Question

Ordinal numbers replacement

I am currently looking for the way to replace words like first, second, third,...with appropriate ordinal number representation (1st, 2nd, 3rd).
I have been googling for the last week and I didn't find any useful standard tool or any function from NLTK.

So is there any or should I write some regular expressions manually?

Thanks for any advice

Answer Source

Here's a terse solution taken from Gareth on codegolf:

ordinal = lambda n: "%d%s" % (n,"tsnrhtdd"[(n/10%10!=1)*(n%10<4)*n%10::4])

Works on any number:

print [ordinal(n) for n in range(1,32)]

['1st', '2nd', '3rd', '4th', '5th', '6th', '7th', '8th', '9th', '10th', '11th',
'12th', '13th', '14th', '15th', '16th', '17th', '18th', '19th', '20th', '21st',
'22nd', '23rd', '24th', '25th', '26th', '27th', '28th', '29th', '30th', '31st']
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