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jQuery .attr returns undefined

I have this HTML with the element .replyLink and an input field with type hidden that has a value (in this case 462). I want to be able to get the value of the value attribute of the input .hddnScrapId when I click on the .replyLink element. This is the HTML:

<div class="scrapItemParent">
<input class="hddnScrapId" type="hidden" value="462"/>
<img class="scrapProfilePic" src=" static/img/user/personalProfilePicture/mod_50_50/150972db1a0c9e863746c12797398b6e40ae05c8.jpg" />
<div class="scrapContent"><br />
<video class="scrapVideo" controls>
<source src="../../../scrapll_m/static/vid/4045e7944d8ea8f10dd4826a1e1595a7cef73b0c.mp4" type="video/mp4">
</video><br />
<span class="scrapTime">2014-05-27 16:51:22<br />Erol Simsir
<a class="replyLink" href="javascript:void(0);">Reply</a>
<a class="replyClose" href="javascript:void(0);">x</a>

This is the JS I have now:

var hddnScrapId = $(this).closest(".hddnScrapId").attr("value");

This keeps saying 'undefined'. I guess the problem occurs because the closest() function can't find the input field hddnScrapId. Why doesn't it work?

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1) closest only looks among the element itself and its ancestors and the .hddnScrapId element isn't a parent of the clicked element.

2) To get the uptodate value, you must use val, not attr("value").

You want this :

var hddnScrapId = $(this).closest(".scrapItemParent").find(".hddnScrapId").val();