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Scala Question

How do I access a "getter" of a Java method from a scala method?

I have a Java method that looks something like this:

public class JavaClass{

private static ArrayList<String> stringModel= new ArrayList<String>();

public JavaClass (String name) {
/*Do required operations*/


public static ArrayList<String> getStringModel() {
return autosarModel;
public static void setStringModel(ArrayList<String> stringModel) {
JavaClass.stringModel = stringModel;

I am trying to access the getStringModel from my scala classthat looks something like this:

val sm = new JavaClass("Folder1")
val x = sm.getStringModel

I can seem to use the setStringModel from this scala class, but for some reason I get an error saying:

"value getStringModel" not found.

Can somebody tell me what am I doing wrong here?

Answer Source

The method is static, meaning it's defined on the class rather than an instance of the class.

You need:

val model = JavaClass.getStringModel("Folder1")
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