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Subclassing NSControl, IBAction is not called in Swift

I've subclassed an NSSlider that behaves differently whether the option key is pressed. In order to do that, I overrode the mouseDown func. It seems to do the job.
The thing is, I've noticed the connected @IBAction in my ViewController is only triggered when the option key is unpressed (i.e. when the mouseDown method is passed to super). What am I missing in order to allow the @IBAction to perform?

Many thanks
Besides the issue, improvement advices on the code are welcome... :-)


class ViewController: NSViewController {

@IBOutlet weak var theSlider: MySlider!
@IBAction func moveSlider(sender: NSSlider) {
print(sender.floatValue) //works only with optionKey unpressed

class MySlider: NSSlider { //Implemented in another source file

@IBInspectable var multiplier: Float = 0.5
private var modifierKeys = NSEventModifierFlags.AlternateKeyMask
private var optionKeyPressed = false
private var previousSliderPosition: Float = 0.0

//MARK: Init with NSCoder
required init?(coder: NSCoder) {
super.init(coder: coder)
Swift.print("init Coder called")

self.continuous = true
NSEvent.addLocalMonitorForEventsMatchingMask(.FlagsChangedMask) { (theEvent) -> NSEvent? in
return theEvent

//MARK: Mouse tracking
override func mouseDown(theEvent: NSEvent) {

if optionKeyPressed {

var keepOn = true
previousSliderPosition = self.floatValue * Float(self.bounds.width) / Float(self.maxValue)

while keepOn {
if let nextEvent = self.window?.nextEventMatchingMask(Int(NSEventMask.LeftMouseUpMask.rawValue) | Int(NSEventMask.LeftMouseDraggedMask.rawValue))
switch nextEvent.type
case .LeftMouseDragged:
let mouseInnerLocationX = Float(self.convertPoint(nextEvent.locationInWindow, fromView: self.superview).x)
let mouseDelta = mouseInnerLocationX - previousSliderPosition
let newSliderPosition = previousSliderPosition + (mouseDelta) * multiplier

self.floatValue = newSliderPosition * Float(self.maxValue) / Float(self.bounds.width)

case .LeftMouseUp:
keepOn = false

} else {

//MARK: Option key handling
override func flagsChanged(theEvent: NSEvent) {
if (theEvent.modifierFlags.rawValue & NSEventModifierFlags.DeviceIndependentModifierFlagsMask.rawValue) == NSEventModifierFlags.AlternateKeyMask.rawValue {
optionKeyPressed = true
} else {
optionKeyPressed = false

Answer Source

If you're not calling super.mouseDown, you need to send the action yourself:

sendAction(action, to: target)

sendAction(_:to:), action and target are existing members of NSControl.

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