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Objective-C Question

Why when I use #define for int I need to wrap them in brackets?

This is my example I've found:

#define kNumberOfViews (37)
#define kViewsWide (5)
#define kViewMargin (2.0)

Why it cannot be like that?

#define kNumberOfViews 37
#define kViewsWide 5
#define kViewMargin 2.0

And what means
in front? Is there a some guide for it?

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It is not really required in your example, but the use of parenthesis in defines is a useful approach to make sure your define states exactly what you mean in the context of the define and protects it from side effects when used in code.


#define VAR1 40
#define VAR2 20

Then in your code

foo(4*SAVETYPING1);  // comes out as foo(140)

Is not the same as

foo(4*SAVETYPING2); // comes out as foo(80)

As for what the k prefix means. It is used for constants. Plenty of discussion here on the origins:

Objective C - Why do constants start with k