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Python Question

problem with the new lines when I use toprettyxml()

I'm currently using the toprettyxml() function of the xml.dom module in a python script and I have some troubles with the newlines.
If don't use the newl parameter or if I use toprettyxml(newl='\n') actually it displays several new lines instead of only one.

For instance

f = open(filename, 'w')



<param name="Level" value="#LEVEL#"/>

<param name="Code" value="281"/>


Does anyone know where the problem comes from and how I can use it?
FYI I'm using Python 2.6.1

Xv. Xv.
Answer Source

toprettyxml() is quite awful. It is not a matter of Windows and '\r\n'. Trying any string as the newlparameter shows that too many lines are being added. Not only that, but other blanks (that may cause you problems when a machine reads the xml) are also added.

Some workarounds available at

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