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Mock entire python class

I'm trying to make a simple test in python, but I'm not able to figure it out how to accomplish the mocking process.

This is the class and def code:

class FileRemoveOp(...)
def __init__(
*args, **kwargs):
super(v4FileRemoveOperator, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.source_conn_keys = source_conn_keys
self.source_conn_id = source_conn_id

def execute (self, context)
source_conn = Connection(conn_id)
for source_conn_key in self.source_keys:
if not source_conn.check_for_key(source_conn_key):"The source key does not exist")
finally:"Remove operation successful.")

And this is my test for the execute function:

def test_remove_execute(self,MockConn):
mock_coon = MockConn.return_value
mock_coon.value = #I'm not sure what to put here#
remove_operator = FileRemoveOp(...)

Since the execute method try to make a connection, I need to mock that, I don't want to make a real connection, just return something mock. How can I make that? I'm used to do testing in Java but I never did on python..

Answer Source

First it is very important to understand that you always need to Mock where it the thing you are trying to mock out is used as stated in the unittest.mock documentation.

The basic principle is that you patch where an object is looked up, which is not necessarily the same place as where it is defined.

Next what you would need to do is to return a MagicMock instance as return_value of the patched object.

Here a quick example of a project.

class Connection(object):                                                        
    def execute(self):                                                           
        return "Connection to server made"

from project.connection import Connection                                        

class FileRemoveOp(object):                                                      
    def __init__(self, foo):                                                     = foo                                                           

    def execute(self):                                                           
        conn = Connection()                                                      
        result = conn.execute()                                                  
        return result    


import unittest                                                                  
from unittest.mock import patch, MagicMock                                       
from project.file import FileRemoveOp                                            

class TestFileRemoveOp(unittest.TestCase):                                       
    def setUp(self):                                                             
        self.fileremoveop = FileRemoveOp('foobar')                               

    def test_execute(self, connection_mock):
        # Create a new MagickMock instance which will be the
        # `return_value` of our patched object                                     
        connection_instance = MagicMock()                                        
        connection_instance.execute.return_value = "testing"

        # Return the above created `connection_instance`                     
        connection_mock.return_value = connection_instance                       

        result = self.fileremoveop.execute()                                     
        expected = "testing"                                                     
        self.assertEqual(result, expected)                                       

    def test_not_mocked(self):
        # No mocking involved will execute the `Connection.execute` method                                                   
        result = self.fileremoveop.execute()                                     
        expected = "Connection to server made"                                   
        self.assertEqual(result, expected)