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git diff --stat exclude certain files

Trying to adapt the answers from Want to exclude file from "git diff" for the

flag and failing - the accepted answer (create a driver) seems unix only (redirect to /bin/true, whatever this means) plus it creates a driver and assigns it to the file kind of permanently, while I am looking for a switch to temporarily disable the diff for a file (or rather some files).

The scripting solution:

git diff `git status -s |grep -v ^\ D |grep -v file/to/exclude.txt |cut -b4-`

actually calls git status and edits its output - while what I want is to instruct git diff itself to ignore some files while calculating the (simple) --stat (just lines changed). I went through git-diff docs but can't seem to find such an option. Anyone give me a hand ?

$ git --version
git version

Answer Source

The exclude pathspec trick, described in Making 'git log' ignore changes for certain paths, works here:

git diff --status -- . ':(exclude)file/to/exclude.txt'

or, if you are in a subdirectory:

git diff --status -- :/ ':(exclude,top)file/to/exclude.txt'

The latter can be spelled in various ways. For instance, this also works:

git diff --status ':(top)' :!/file/to/exclude.txt

as does:

git diff --status :/: :!/:file/to/exclude.txt

These are described in the gitglossary documentation under the "pathspec" section. Note that the exclude feature is new in Git version 1.9 (and slightly broken until 1.9.2). The leading / is an alias for top and the ! is an alias for exclude, with the long forms requiring the parentheses. The trailing colon before the actual pathname is optional when using the single-character aliases but forbidden when using the parentheses (this rule trips me up every time—I keep wanting to use :(exclude):... rather than :(exclude)...). The single quotes around the (top) and (exclude) pathspec components above are to protect the parentheses from being interpreted by the (Unix/Linux) shells; the Windows shell may have different ideas about which characters need protection.

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