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Javascript Question

How to properly unload/destroy a VIDEO element

I'm working on a realtime media browsing/playback application that uses

objects in the browser for playback, when available.

I'm using a mix of straight javascript, and jQuery,

My concern is specifically with memory. The application never reloads in the window, and the user can watch many videos, so memory management becomes a large concern over time. In testing today, I see the memory profile jumping by the size of the video to be streamed with each subsequent load, and never dropping back down to the baseline.

I've tried the following things with the same result:

1 - Empty the parent container containing the created element, eg:


2 - Pause and remove children matching 'video', and then empty the parent container:


Has anyone else run into this issue, and is there a better way to do this?

Answer Source

This "solution" is reported to work, presumably because it would make those video container objects available for garbage collection (see the note below for a discussion of why delete shouldn't be making a difference). In any case, your results are likely to vary by browser:

    this.pause(); // can't hurt
    delete this; // @sparkey reports that this did the trick (even though it makes no sense!)
    $(this).remove(); // this is probably what actually does the trick

Note: There's no doubt that the delete keyword is specified only to remove properties from objects (as others have pointed out in the comments). Logging this to the console both before and after the delete this line, above, shows the same result each time. delete this should do nothing and make no difference. Yet this answer continues to receive a trickle of votes, and people have reported that omitting delete this makes it stop working. Perhaps there's strangeness in how some browser JS engines implement delete, or an unusual interaction between a browser's delete and what jQuery is doing with this.

So, just be aware, if this answer solves your problem, that if it does work, it's not clear why that's the case, and it's just as likely to stop working for any number of reasons.

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