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Android Relative Layout alignCenter from another view

I have a relative layout with two children that are also both RelativeLayouts containing a few buttons and things. These children layouts are not centered in my main layout, and the main layout does contain some other things off the the sides of these two. I want the first one to be on top of the second one. That is easy enough, just use

in the second one. But I also want the second one to be aligned on the center of the first one. By that I mean I want the second layout to find the center of the first one, and align itself so that its center is in the same x position. I see alignLeft, alignRight, alignTop, and alignBaseline, but no center. Is this possible to do without having to hard code a margin to scoot the second layout over some?

Here is a rough example of what I am trying to end up with, the blue bar would be the first layout, and the red box would be the second layout. I know that I could wrap them both in another Relative layout that has sizes equal to "wrap_content" and then use centerHorizontal="true" for the second one. But I would really rather leave both as children of my main layout (I would have to make some changes to the way certain parts of my app work if I make them children of a separate layout. Which I am trying to avoid.)

Example of what I want

Answer Source

If you can set width of parent layout to "wrap_content" you could then put both children layouts to center

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